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Miles of Masters

Live to Run, Run to Live

Welcome to Miles of Masters, a spot for you to drop in and follow my running journey.

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It's About the Laces

"...there was a “shoelace” tradition back then."

The Senior Campaign

...he was only in his racing shoes and shorts. I thought this was a joke, and these guys weren’t serious racers at all.

The Lost Season

"I couldn’t believe he said that after all the hard work I had put in this year."

The Big Finish

“Man, this is the fastest 16 teams and individuals in Ohio...I’m in trouble.”

The Road to Scioto Downs

Steve always ran in the shadow of Brad because he would have been most team’s number one man.

My Biggest Cheerleader...Mom

The two sisters were moving on with their lives, but two things happened soon after that changed my mom’s life forever.

Championship Season

They all grinned and looked at each other and said, “Here they come.”

The Breakthrough

...we passed through the first mile just a few clicks under 5 minutes.

The Making of a Distance Runner

This was a course made for the mountain goat runners who could navigate all of this and still make it to the finish line in one piece.

What's a Mule Pack?!

I watched in disbelief as a Bedford runner shoved one of our runners into the garbage can.

Tales From the Crypt Pt. 2

“Come on, man!” “Awwwww, man, gross!” “What’s wrong with you?!”

Tales from the Crypt Pt. 1

“Masters! Get over here!” Bellowed coach Albright. “Yeah?” “What did I tell you?” “Not to block the extra point in practice.” “And you...

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